We offer 3, 4 or 5 days of our Rising Stars Program.

Our Morning session is 8:45-11:30.

Our Afternoon Session is 12:30-3:00.

Our Full Day Rising Stars program is 8:45-3:00. 

Our Rising Stars program is designed to encourage exploration and create a feeling of safety and security for our young 3-year-olds (Children can be 2 years 9 months old by September 1 to be in our Rising Stars program).. Children work with open-ended materials such as blocks, sand, paint, crayons, paper,  playdough utilizing a multi-sensory approach to learning about the world they live in.  They learn collaboration through expressing their thoughts and ideas at circle time, and through socializing with peers.  Social skills are an important aspect of the development of three-year-old children.  We focus on such skills as sharing, communication, socialization, following directions, hand-eye coordination, large and fine motor development.  Children in our 3's program are active participants in all areas as children get to have jobs in the classroom, such as weather watcher, calendar helper or snack helper as well as other various jobs.  The classroom encourages a sense of community in which every child is a part of.

Children take walking trips to Roosevelt Park while stopping to enjoy our Nature Trail.

Music with Miss Patti http://nyartsmart.com/ is offered once a week and fitness with a certified P.E. teacher twice a month.

Name recognition, beginning letter sounds, colors, shapes and counting are also a part of this well-rounded play based program.

Children in our 3's program can extend their day by adding Lunch Bunch from 11:30-12:30.  This allows additional time for socialization and outdoor play.